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Hannah Green, MA

Individual & Family Therapist

LPC Intern. Supervisor: Dr. Michelle Engblom-Deglmann

About Me

My passion as a counselor is supporting helpers: those who are involved in non-profit work, caregiving, activism, parenting, teaching, healthcare, etc. I know that helping takes a toll, and it's so important to invest in your own wellbeing first. Counseling gives you a supportive space to heal, cope, and grow so that you can continue to do the important work you believe in—in a way that’s sustainable for you. Together, we can find a way for you to feel balanced, hopeful, and purposeful again.


I practice as a part of a counseling community called Second Growth Counseling.

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I work with...


Burn-out is an experience of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. It can be caused by unrealistic demands and expectations, high-stress environments, and your own patterns of work/rest/play.

Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue is an experience specific to those who are routinely exposed to the suffering of others: people, animals, or the environment. It's devastating when it starts to take away from your ability to feel empathy and joy.


Now more than ever, being a parent is incredibly complex and challenging. There are constant decisions to be made, and the exhaustion is real. How do you balance relationship and connection with your kids, and healthy limits and boundaries?

Check out this podcast episode, in which I talk about compassion fatigue in the midst of COVID-19.

Together, we create a path forward: looking at how your life can feel more balanced, more connected to yourself and your loved ones, and more hopeful.

Hannah Green


Additional Resources

On Parenting

 A few big names: Dr. Daniel Siegel and Dr. Karyn Purvis have both influenced my approach to parenting. Dr. Siegel writes about neuroscience and attachment, and Dr. Purvis has a lot of good material around parenting children with difficult histories and behavioral problems.

On Burn-Out

Helping professionals, folks exposed to daily trauma, overwhelmed parents- in a culture that values production and exhaustion, sometimes your well-being gets left behind. The Trauma Stewardship Institute has some great resources on caring for yourself while caring for others.

On Trauma

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk is my go-to guy when it comes to trauma research and treatment. His book "The Body Keeps the Score" explores how trauma is experienced in our bodies, and also considers the incredible power of relationships to both hurt and heal.

Contact Hannah

I offer free phone consultations to help figure out if we're a good fit.

I currently have openings for new clients via phone or video sessions for anyone in the state of Oregon, until it's safe to resume in-person appointments.




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